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Many say they are the best but very few can actually deliver on that promise. This is why we are transparent with our reviews and let the people we have represented, represent us.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Tyler Kirkpatrick Avatar
Tyler Kirkpatrick

Greg was wonderful. He listened to me throughout the process, and always reassured me, when things looked unsure. He and his staff were always quick in getting back to me when I had questions or concerns. Sydney was always ready to listen to me "vent" when I was upset about the process. I can not say enough good things about them and the staff at NE Legal. I would highly recommend.

Ginny Plum Avatar
Ginny Plum

Worked with Hannah Sommers, she was very detail oriented. During meetings she was consistently prepared and knowledgeable of my case. Easily accessible with expedited communication. Have no reservations in recommending her to other individuals.

Luciano Vargas Avatar
Luciano Vargas

I was involved with having to go back to court for custody modification. I knew I needed a new attorney. Prayed and was led to Meagan Spomer. I put my retainer down the moment I left Meagan's office! She listened to me and had the type of character I was looking for. Meagan was always quick to respond if I emailed her, as well as her paralegal, Kelsey. The custody went on for over a year and Meagan and her para made sure I wasn't spending any more money than necessary while waiting for the opposing party. I would highly recommend Meagan to anyone! A huge thank you continues to go out to her and I will be forever grateful!

Michelle Decker Avatar
Michelle Decker

The lawyers and paralegals did an outstanding job representing me on short notice. Greg Lake and Sydney Piccolo are a winning team. Greg was a much higher caliber lawyer than the other attorney and it showed. Any family law matters this is the team you want.

Isaac VanMeter Avatar
Isaac VanMeter

Meghan did a very thorough job with my divorce. She was professional didn't back down and I'm pleased with the results. Stephanie was very nice to work with. She was easy to talk to. She made me feel very comfortable. Stephanie's cute also that was a plus. These two ladies I would highly recommend. They are an asset to Nebraska Legal Group. Thanks Ladies

Tony Vidlak Avatar
Tony Vidlak

Megan and Stephanie have been great to deal with. It was a long hard fought battle thanks for helping get all I asked for

Steven Nelson Avatar
Steven Nelson

I had a tough case & I know without a doubt at the beginning I wasn't the easiest client. I was nervous & just really lost. Greg & Sydney were AMAZING! They fought harder than I ever thought possible. My ex threw a ton of nonsense out & during the entire process They fought hard. If I could give a rating past 5 stars I would.

Jacob Mullenax Avatar
Jacob Mullenax

I cannot say enough good things about Hannah. I had a previous lawyer for my divorce who became ill and could not continue to practice, so I was referred to Hannah. Changing lawyers in the middle of my case was not ideal for me but it was the biggest blessing in disguise. She understood the importance of my concerns and she carefully outlined the things we needed to take care of. She was compassionate, knowledgeable, and her ability to communicate directly with me was vital to making me feel comfortable! I could tell she truly cared about me and my kids and that is all that I could ask for. She was able to wrap up an almost two year long divorce in a few short months. I was very pleased with the outcome and it’s all thanks to Hannah!

Jamey Turco Avatar
Jamey Turco

Hannah Sommers was great to work with, I am so happy I hired her for my modification. This modification and the events proceeding were extremely stressful for me. She took the time to fully understand all angles and made me feel like all the details were important to her. She took my situation personally. I will absolutely refer her to anyone needing a family law attorney! She did great in trial.

Lexie P Avatar
Lexie P

Hannah Sommers, who I contacted from a friend’s recommended referral, was the best attorney professionally, was proactive and on top every step of the process, even when snags from the defendant arose. She was ready at every turn, bringing me great relief and 100% trust in a challenging case.She took my case after the consult and quickly, yet efficiently prepped the numerous docs. and info from the first atty. who couldn’t continue. Hannah wasted no time communicating with the other attorney and went over and beyond on this case..Her support as my attorney was felt and appreciated. I struggled on a few occasions and she encouraged me and gave great advice.Her presentation was adamantly precise, most assertive and had the best interest of her client at the forefront the entire time w/negotiations.Hannah’s experience and strategic plan enabled this case to be done sooner and her hard work paid off as the outcome was more than anticipated .I highly recommend Hannah, as she exceeds her legal services in every area.Jan WitthausGrateful client

Jan Witthaus Avatar
Jan Witthaus

Hannah provides a tremendous amount of guidance and support. I always knew that she had my best interest in mind. Her communication was excellent-she always got back to me almost immediately and was there when I needed her. I have and would recommend her to anyone who was going through a divorce. She has helped me tremendously.

Megan Flynn Avatar
Megan Flynn

Greg Lake and Sydney Piccolo were amazing to work with. I thought this entire process was going to be painful, and at times, it definitely was, but Greg and Sydney were not the cause of that pain, they were the remedy.Greg, my attorney, was patient, responsive, and very knowledgeable. He took time to get to know my backstory from the two years it took me to even reach out for legal support. We then spoke about what I ultimately wanted life to look like for my child going forward. When working towards that vision, Greg tempered my expectations when needed. He was upfront with me when he thought something I wanted for my child couldn't be achieved, and then he ended up achieving getting most of what I thought was in the best interest of my child into the parenting plan anyway (All this without ever having to appear in court).Sydney, Greg's paralegal, was organized, responsive, and had great communication skills. She made sure I had all of the documents I needed when I needed them. She took time to make sure that I could understand all of the legal jargon used in those documents. If I didn't understand something, she took the time to explain it to me or set me up with a time to speak further with Greg. My time working Greg was more productive and cost effective due to the work Sydney put in behind the scenes to help everything run smoothly.Together, Greg and Sydney make a great team and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them.

Jackie M Avatar
Jackie M

Alicia Haywood Avatar
Alicia Haywood

Hannah Sommers was very professional and competent in the way she handled legal issues for me. She has another quality that not everyone has...true compassion! Let’s face it...when one is in need of legal assistance it usually involves an issue with significant associated emotional and financial stress. Hannah not only provides excellent legal counsel, but she has a calming demeanor, punctuated with kindness, and the ability to remove barriers that are preventing the movement of issues to resolution. She is transparent and reliable and sees every client as a person in need, first and foremost. She is exactly the kind of person one wants to help navigate unfamiliar legal waters.

Gary G Avatar
Gary G

Hannah Sommers was wonderful to work with. She was professional and responsive and I was pleased with her guidance.

Carly T Avatar
Carly T

Hannah was easy to work with and responsive and thorough in all of our correspondence. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I would highly recommend her for legal services.

Ryan Jensen Avatar
Ryan Jensen

I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah Sommers in October 2019. That was definitely my luckiest day!! Hannah is the BEST LAWYER I HAVE EVER KNOWN!! We worked together as a team throughout 2019/2020! Hannah is a true professional, considerate, and always listened to my concerns!! Every single day, Hannah went ABOVE AND BEYOND!! Thank you, Hannah!! :)

Elsa C Epstein Avatar
Elsa C Epstein

Hannah Sommers is the beat lawyer I’ve ever worked with. Was very informative and professional. You could truely tell she actually cared about you and the case.

Ryan Burks Avatar
Ryan Burks

I know Hannah both professionally and personally and she is one of the most wonderful attorneys I know. She is very driven and takes time to understand issues of her clients so that she can come up with best plan that makes sense and has the best possible outcome. I would recommend her to anyone I know: friends, family, clients. Hannah is very driven and it shows in her work. You won't be disappointed.

Jonathan Jameson Avatar
Jonathan Jameson

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