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Many say they are the best but very few can actually deliver on that promise. This is why we are transparent with our reviews and let the people we have represented, represent us.

What Our Clients Have to Say

When I reached out to Nebraska Legal Group, I was assigned Augustine. I discovered quickly that he was knowledgeable, very professional, and nothing was "sugar coated". I was truly amazed at the outstanding communication throughout the process, which never left me wondering what was happening with my case. His assistant Haleigh deserves many kudos as well. She ensured proper communication was always done by telephone and/or e-mail. Augustine and Haleigh are definitely a credit to their profession and the word "teamwork". Thanks again for all the assistance!
Jim Kuttner Avatar
Jim Kuttner
Great experience!! Loved how everything was put into laymen’s terms so I could understand. Was always kept up to date on my case.
Sylvia Valdivia Avatar
Sylvia Valdivia
Hannah is an excellent attorney! She was very thorough and attentive to my needs and questions. She made getting divorced easy!
D J Gustafson Avatar
D J Gustafson
Hannah is absolutely wonderful to work with! She is knowledgeable, thorough and was great at explaining the process. Highly recommend her, she’s a fantastic advocate for her clients!
Alison David Avatar
Alison David
I don’t even know how to begin to communicate everything Greg Lake and his paralegal, Sydney did for my case. When he first took on my case I had just stopped service with another attorney. Because of some bad advice from that attorney I had started a litigation against my ex-wife that would have most likely done nothing to help my case and just frustrated the Judge. I had previously won custody of my kids in a trial, but my ex refused to work with me and usually worked vindictively against any sort of healthy co parenting. She had promised that she would keep me in court until she got custody of the kids, and she had for four years until I hired Greg. Greg worked with my case and was calm and relaxed, bringing a sense of authority with him into the hearings and the trial. He was able to get the facts out in the open in a way the Judge could hear them and my ex’s attorney was not able to refute. A big difference in my experience with my previous attorney and with Greg was that I didn’t feel like I was having to carry the case both in and out of the court room with preparation for the case. There were things he had me do and I was happy to do them, but before Greg I was putting in twelve or more hours a day at times writing and rewriting things and searching my evidence and documentation for things. With Greg, he told me what he needed, but the work I did was not exhausting. Sydney was also very prompt and helpful in her responsiveness. She was honest in what she was not able to advise me in, but quickly got me a response from Greg. I had the feeling throughout that he knew exactly where he was going and what he needed for the case. After the trial this past November the Judge ruled that my ex could not take this frivolous matter back to court again, this was due in no small part to how Greg presented my case in Court.
Brian Clark Avatar
Brian Clark
I had the Pleasure of working with Augustine & Haleigh for my divorce case. They were both incredibly professional, kind & helped with every step along the way. When things got stressful, both Augustine & Haleigh were incredibly reassuring, answered all questions I had & took the lead when needed. They helped me to win my case in all aspects, I would highly recommend Nebraska Legal Group, Augustine Osuala & Haleigh Compton!! I can't thank you enough for all your hard work!!
Samantha Timmons Avatar
Samantha Timmons
Sydney is an amazing person and helped me out a lot
Ryan Piccolo Avatar
Ryan Piccolo
Sydney P is super helpful. Was extremely knowledgeable and kind as well!
Cole Klabunde Avatar
Cole Klabunde
Really easy to work with and made it a simple process
John Dominski Avatar
John Dominski
Greg and Sydney have been amazing, patient and kind through this entire difficult time in our lives. I so thankful to have the BEST helping me. This firm is truly one that goes above and beyond. Greg has explained every step to me and taken the time to patiently answer every question regardless how small it may be.
Joey Poppe Avatar
Joey Poppe
Meagan Spomer is amazing! This was the second time going to trial over custody. Meagan was professional and did an amazing job representing me at both trials. Meagan was able to get me what I was requesting for custody at both trials. I highly, highly, highly recommend Meagan! You won’t be disappointed!
Eric Pettis Avatar
Eric Pettis
Augustine was my lawyer on my recent custody modification. He was professional, proficient and kind through this difficult time in our lives. The whole staff is easy to work with as well, making a rough life experience easier on both me and my daughter. Words can't express how thankful I am to have had you in my corner. Thank you all so much!
Brandy Christensen Avatar
Brandy Christensen
Loved my Attorney Hannah. She was patient, understanding and definitely will tell u what is fair for you. She will still do what you want in the end, but has YOUR best interest in heart. I would totally recommend her to anybody having to go through custody or a divorce!
Dawn Dingle Avatar
Dawn Dingle
A+ for Augustine! I highly recommend
Mitchell Sortino Avatar
Mitchell Sortino
Greg and his paralegal Sydney were wonderful! I had an amazing experience working with both of them. I highly recommend you hire greg if you are looking for a lawyer who cares and will take your case seriously.
Hanaiyei Hime Avatar
Hanaiyei Hime
I went to Nebraska legal group for an attorney with experience in child custody cases. I was paired with an experienced attorney that was there to answer any questions I had and to guide me through the process to get what was in the best interest of everybody.
Wes Schrier Avatar
Wes Schrier
If you’re looking for an amazing attorney, reach out to Meagan Spomer. She has been the biggest help through out my whole case. She’s been a huge help and is very understanding, patient and responsive. I will continue to use her and highly recommend.
Haley Brendis Avatar
Haley Brendis
Greg and Sydney were a delight to work with. I sent them a ridiculous amount of emails and they always got back to me that day. I really appreciate how knowledgeable and friendly the staff is and how easy they made everything for me.
Krissy Tuffield Avatar
Krissy Tuffield
Clint Scoles Avatar
Clint Scoles
Adam Little has been our attorney for years and is probably one of the best kept secrets in Omaha. He is knowledgeable, professional, strategic about the overall case and analytical in his approach. He comes with a sense of urgency and makes you feel like you are his only case. He can be tough at times, but that is what you want in an attorney that will endure the adversity of a case and genuinely cares about you and the outcome. I would highly recommend Adam Little to others that are seeking help in navigating complex issues and wanting to find a resolution.
Courtney Reinert Avatar
Courtney Reinert

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