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Attorney Leigha Sopiak

Attorney Leigha Sopiak

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Get To Know Leigha

I am very proud, and consider myself lucky, to have grown up in small-town Nebraska. I had great parents; they instilled the hard-working, Nebraska strong attitude in me from the start. I followed in my grandpa and dad’s footsteps and went to college at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Go Huskers! I couldn’t stay away from Omaha for long and moved back to live and work near the community that raised me. A stroke of fate brought my Pittsburgh born-and-raised husband and I together, and we have four children. This stage of my life revolves around packing lunches, carting my kids to their tennis lessons, cheering them on at wrestling meets, and attending dance recitals. As a family, we like to have bonfires in our backyard and spend time with their grandparents at the lake and the pool in the summer. My daughter’s current obsession is playing cards and I think she has beat me only a handful of times (but who’s counting). When my husband and I can get a night out, we look forward to trying new restaurants. My current focus is providing excellent legal representation to my clients, becoming the best litigator I can be, and setting a great example for my kids – just like so many hard-working parents I know. I have a lot of late nights in the office and even more early mornings getting the kids up for school, but I love the challenge, the chaos, and the fun of it all.

Leigha Sopiak is a skilled and protective attorney, focusing her practice on high conflict divorce cases, custody disputes, and modification actions. Leigha represents a wide variety of clients including high-income earners, blue collar workers, large business owners, and stay at home parents. Leigha has experience with valuing privately owned businesses and itemizing, preserving, and valuing complex marital estates both large and small.

Prior to entering law school, Leigha worked in the social services field assisting abused children, survivors of domestic abuse, and Veterans with PTSD/substance use challenges. While in law school, Leigha was a single parent. She understands firsthand the highs and lows of co-parenting and providing for a child on a single income. This work sets her apart from the rest. Leigha brings the knowledge learned from these experiences to her practice as she guides her clients through difficulties resulting from domestic abuse, mental health issues, and substance use. She understands the importance of carefully and strategically handling an abusive spouse or parent on the other side. Leigha has a gift for supporting her clients through difficult times and takes an individualized approach to each and every case.

Leigha considers herself a trial attorney. When efforts to settle a case have been exhausted, Leigha thrives in the courtroom. She is comfortable standing tall against her opponents. Leigha is particularly knowledgeable of the rules of evidence and how to use them to benefit her client. Her tough witness examination skills set her apart from others. Leigha’s strong relationships and excellent reputation with judges will have you thankful to have her in your corner. She is competitive, hardworking, and thoughtful – all of which are qualities critical to getting results. Simply put, Leigha loves to win.

Leigha’s wholistic approach to divorce and custody cases makes her an ideal choice to be your advocate. She tailors her practice style to each individual situation. Leigha tries to bring her clients security and stability. She gives her clients the tools and ability to move forward post-divorce in a positive direction.

When Leigha is not practicing law, she values time with her husband, her two daughters, son, and stepson.

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