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Estimating Nebraska Child Support Payments

One of the less understood areas of divorce in Nebraska is how child support payments are calculated. For starters, child support payments do not need to be calculated by the court. Nebraska parents have the option of reaching a child support agreement entirely on their own. It is only when they are involved in a contentious divorce and/or cannot agree on a fair amount that a court will step in and make a determination based on the family’s financial circumstances and the child’s needs.

Nebraska uses their own set of child support guidelines to come up with a rough estimate of how much a parent could be roughly expect to contribute toward the support of a child. If you are looking to further understand your Nebraska child support estimates or need legal assistance with the enforcement of a child support order, our Omaha child support lawyers are ready to help.

Nebraska Child Support Guidelines

As mentioned, the state of Nebraska provides parents with an extensive set of guidelines indicating how child support is determined. Facts and circumstances can change the analysis. For example, child visitation and primary custody expenses could sway how much a given parent is expected to contribute. However, it is important to note that these guidelines are precisely that — guidelines. A court still reserves the right to decrease or increase the child support amount based on a wide variety of factors and circumstances. Additionally, if circumstances change or special situations can be used to prove child support is inadequate, a judge may take this into account and modify their child support decree.

Expenses Covered By Child Support

The contributions made by each parent financially are designed to ensure that children maintain a comparable standard of living they were used to when both parents were married and working together. A child support lawyer in Omaha will work with you to obtain a complete picture of all expenses associated with raising your children and caring for their overall well-being. Some expenses covered by child support in Nebraska include:

  • Educational Expenses, Tuition and School Supplies
  • Medical and Dental Services and Expenses
  • Food
  • Expenses for Family Activities and Recreation
  • Travel Expenses

Factors Used To Make a Child Support Determination

Working with an Omaha child support attorney from Nebraska Legal Group gives you the ability to make an accurate assessment of child support based on Nebraska guidelines. Some factors used to make this determination include:

  • The gross income of both parents
  • The number of children you have
  • The cost of health insurance
  • Days spent in a calendar year with each parent

Child Support Enforcement

Receiving a child support order is one thing, but having the order enforced is another. If you are not receiving consistent child support payments or any payments at all, Nebraska Legal Group can help. Parents in violation of a child support order may have wages garnished, assets placed on liens and similar measures to ensure that payments are made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Nebraska Child Custody Determined?
Nebraska family law courts begin a child custody determination with what is in the child’s best interests to maintain regular and ongoing contact with both parents. As such, joint custody is frequently encouraged.
But, the exact nature of a time-sharing agreement depends on using a number of factors to determine what is truly in the best interest of the child. Negative or harmful parental behaviors can be used to show that the parent’s child custody privileges should be reduced or limited.

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