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Omaha Family Law

Experience Really Matters in Divorce and Family Law

There are a great many issues that fall under the legal umbrella of divorce and family law, and all of them require an experienced attorney who has had years of practice in that specific field.

There are a great many issues that fall under the legal umbrella of divorce and family law, and all of them require an experienced attorney who had years of practice in that specific field. Of course, everyone usually thinks about divorce, annulments, and separations as being the primary focus of the family law, but there are many other components to divorce and family law as well.

For instance, marital property division is a common issue, as are child custody and child support, paternity issues, prenuptial agreements, and even domestic violence. When you find yourself confronted by any of these situations or with matters that seem to fall within the same general area, it would definitely be to your advantage to seek out the counsel of an attorney who has a great deal of experience in divorce and family law and a track record of success, especially in the court in which your case will be filed. 

Omaha Divorce Mediation Lawyers

If you hire an Omaha divorce mediation lawyer to handle your case, that attorney will act as a neutral third party to resolve contested issues between you and your spouse, helping you negotiate with your spouse to avoid court proceedings. This is a flexible, but very powerful process that gives you total control of your case.

It is far less contentious (and far less expensive) than litigation, and if both parties negotiate in good faith, it has a great chance of success. Strictly speaking, a divorce mediator need not be an attorney, but it is advisable nonetheless because an attorney with an extensive background in divorce and family law will be aware of all the legal ramifications pertinent to the divorce and how final documents will need to be drafted.

Omaha Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

Collaborative divorce, though it has been around for a few decades now, is still relatively new to the divorce scene. You can think of collaborative divorce as a process of building a container around your entire divorce case, and everything that happens, happens inside that container and by agreement of the parties. Skilled Omaha collaborative divorce lawyers are especially adept at coordinating desirable settlements between you and your spouse, and they can guide the negotiations to achieve results that are acceptable to both parties. In this kind of facilitated process, clients, along with their legal counsel, work together to achieve mutually satisfactory agreements on all issues relative to the divorce. Collaborative divorce cases do not go to court. If negotiations break down and the parties elect to go to court, they must do so with new legal counsel.

If you’re in the market for an Omaha divorce mediation lawyer or a collaborative divorce lawyer, it can often be difficult to find someone who is qualified and experienced enough to represent you in these alternative methods of divorce. If you don’t have the luxury of a solid reference from a friend or relative, you may find yourself doing online research to find someone. If that is the case, make sure their website contains significant information about mediation and collaboration, and that the lawyers in the firm have significant experience in these areas.

The Best Divorce and Family Law Attorneys in Omaha

The primary area of focus of Nebraska Legal Group is divorce and family law, and with decades of experience in this area, the firm has represented thousands of clients in the successful resolution of their cases. The firm’s approach is always to empower clients by carefully exploring all of their legal rights and options in any given situation, then creating a client focused strategy to quickly resolve the case.