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Dividing Property in Divorce


One question we get asked a lot is, how is our personal property divided in Nebraska. It is very important to talk about dividing property in a divorce case because it can be an emotional process. The first thing to remember is lawyers hate dealing with personal property. Lawyers hate it, and judges hate it even more. However, there is one thing that can be done to make everyone’s life easier. Simply walk through your house at the beginning of your case and make a video of all the personal property that you have in your home. This allows you to accomplish two things.


Making a video of your property at the beginning of your divorce


The first is, you can use that video to make a list of all the property. Also, add how the property should be divided. If there is an emotional attachment to an item, it would be best to note that. It is essential to get that list to your divorce attorney at the very beginning of your divorce case. Frequently in these cases, people wait until the very end, then everything is rushed. When parts of the case are rushed, items are always overlooked and we do not want that to happen in your case.

The second thing that is accomplished by the video is it proves that the property existed. In many cases where a person moves out, the parties separate, and then only later try to get the property, that now the other party is saying does not exist. This can be frustrating and create even more unnecessary hostility.

If you make a video and make a quick list for your attorney early in the case, you will be miles ahead of where most people are in handling their personal property.

We would like you to get what you deserve, and avoid any risks in dealing with dividing your personal property. Contact us today for an Omaha Family Law Attorney who will help you every step of the way in the difficult process of divorce.