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Falling In Love With Your Post-Divorce Normal This Valentine's Day

Falling In Love With Your Post-Divorce Normal This Valentines Day

As life changes after a divorce, discover your post-divorce normal this Valentine's Day

Every milestone that passes for the first time after a divorce will probably feel different and potentially a little weird or uncomfortable. Every holiday, every birthday, and even your daily routine has to shift into your post-divorce new normal. Everyone’s journey after divorce looks different- some are happier than ever, while others grieve the end of the marriage. Most people fall somewhere in between and are trying to figure out what their new normal could be. How you approach finding a new sense of normalcy is something only you can decide, but here are some tips and ideas to help you fall in love with your new normal this Valentine’s Day. 

Approaching Social Media on Valentine’s Day

Social media can be an awesome tool to connect with people worldwide, but social media consumption is not always awesome for mental health. Despite having the world at your fingertips, social media platforms may increase your feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially around Valentine’s day. While social media doesn’t affect everyone in the same way, it isn’t uncommon to feel upset or saddened by seeing others share content about something that you might be grieving. It is valid to feel upset. If emotions are still high after your divorce, consider unplugging around Valentine’s Day. 

Perhaps seeing your friends and family share about love on Valentine’s day makes you feel better and hopeful, but maybe it doesn’t. No one knows you better than yourself, so take a few moments to reflect on the stage of your journey and determine what is best for you and your mental health regarding social media use on Valentine’s Day and any other day. 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a New Way 

No matter where you are in your post-divorce haze, you can still celebrate Valentine’s day. 

Depending on your life stage, it could be easy to find single friends on Valentine’s Day to go out for dinner or drinks with. If this is challenging, finding a divorce support group in your area is a good place to start to celebrate your valentine’s day in a new way. 

Consider joining a divorce support group in your area to connect with others in a similar situation as you. Getting together with others who are dealing with a spouse-less valentines day can be a great way to support one another and build a sense of community after romantic dinners for two are no longer on the plate. 

If you have children, consider taking them out on a date night. If you are dealing with mixed emotions after your divorce, focusing on your children is a good distraction You can make the night special with pizza, candy, movies, going to a restaurant, or anything else you love doing with your kids. The options are endless. Make an effort to have Valentine’s Day be a positive memory for your children and yourself. This is a great option to pull focus away from your divorce and shift focus to loving moments with your kids. Show your children that love can still be celebrated despite your divorce. Love is all around, not just within a significant other.

Treating yourself on Valentine’s Day is another excellent option to create new associations with the holiday. There are many ways to treat yourself that can help improve your mental health when a difficult task lies ahead. Whether that task is making it through February 14 after a divorce or finally doing your laundry, a little treat can be a great incentive to help. Whether you decide to get your nails done, get takeout from your favorite restaurant, or just allow yourself time to relax and read a book, show yourself a little love this Valentine’s Day.

Finding Your New Normal

Change is hard, especially when it comes to your family dynamic and day-to-day life. Some changes may be for the better, other changes may hurt more. However, change can also be a great way to get back into activities you’ve enjoyed in the past and find new hobbies to enjoy.

Life is what you make it, so take some time to explore what makes you feel happy and fulfilled in your post-divorce life every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. Remember, you can always buy yourself flowers and you can always hold your own hand. Falling in love with your new normal this Valentine’s Day after a divorce is all about loving yourself and figuring out what makes you happy. 

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