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How to Save Your Marriage From Divorce


Many people think that when they go to a divorce consultation, the attorney should simply advise them of all of their options when it comes to divorce in Omaha. While that is certainly important, the attorney should also inquire as to whether divorce is the best option for you and whether your marriage might ultimately be saved.


Do You Still Love Each Other?


For many couples, it’s not necessarily the relationship that is the problem but rather how the couple is functioning inside for relationship. It’s always important to understand that divorce will have a negative impact on your finances and on your children regardless of how amicable you are in the proceedings. The real question you should ask yourself is whether the problem is with the relationship itself or the WAY in which you are both functioning in the relationship.


Do You Have a Shared Vision?


One of the biggest problems that couples experience is that their expectations, for both the relationship and their individual lives, change over time. Many couples find that where they want to go in life has changed significantly from when they got married. Getting back on the same page is not easy, but doing so has saved many marriages. It can be very helpful to get involved with a qualified therapist who can help you develop a shared vision of your relationship that gets both of you excited about being together again.


Is There Common Ground?


Even when couples are fighting, there are usually some common threads that exist that can help unite the couple again. Is it important for your children to thrive? Do you want to go back to a time when you were totally in love with each other? Is it important for your family to succeed on a financial level? Divorce almost always results in less time with the kids and less money to support the households in Omaha. It’s important for couples to seriously explore the upsides and downsides of divorce before they enter into this process.