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The Most Important Consideration in Your Child Custody Case

The most important consideration in your child custody case in Omaha is what your child or children really need, and that comes down to understanding – and being honest about – what each parent can bring to the equation. If for instance, the kids need a lot of help with schoolwork or transportation to sports and other activities, a custody/visitation plan should be tailored to that. Key: the custody deal you seek should be informed by how your parental responsibilities were divided before the divorce.

Try to do everything in your power to keep a judge from deciding your family’s custody arrangement. There are so many better options: using a child therapist to help keep the focus on the needs of the child, for example. Having a third party in Omaha mediate this arrangement outside of courts and lawyers almost always results in a more positive outcome. That said, should your custody plan be determined in court, it is important to understand the standard the court will apply to make its decision. The legal standard for custody is “best interests of the child,” so all legal arguments are tailored around this standard. If you have children, one of the very first conversations you should have with your lawyer should involve a discussion of the legal standards that apply to custody cases in Nebraska.

Creating a vision of your ideal child custody plan

I often talk about the importance of having a clear vision of what you want in your divorce, but understand that when it comes to custody it simply cannot be about what you want. Custody must always be about what is best for your children. Now, that being said, there are certainly instances in which one parent is completely toxic to the children, and in that instance, you will need to fight hard for primary custody of your children and to limit their contact with the other parent. However, I have found these cases to be rare, and in most instances, the children are bonded with and want to spend time with both parents. You must think very carefully before ever attempting to limit your children’s contact with your spouse. Remember that the law in Nebraska does not require someone to be a great parent, and that should never be the standard you apply in your case.

Your child is growing and changing each day. What will his needs be in three, five, or seven years? How can you anticipate the best way to provide for these ever-changing requirements? Do some research, talk to a child therapist. Enlisting an independent third party can change the entire tone of a case – from the push and pull of two parents who want to get the ‘most’ out of the custody arrangement to a refocus on the child receiving the ‘best’ custody plan.

To obtain an idea of the strength of your case in a potential child custody situation, consult with the legal team at the Nebraska Legal Group. You can have your case reviewed thoroughly and can receive the benefit of their many years of experience in such cases. You can strengthen your case under the guidance of attorneys who have made divorce and family law the focus of their practice.