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Attorney Nathan Sohriakoff

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Sailing Through the Storm

While I was born on the West Coast I grew up in central Kansas. When I was in my early teens my father purchased our first sailboat. I spent my summers learning how to sail on our little sixteen-foot boat. I had found my passion and fell in love. When I was only 15, I bought my first sailboat, a Hobie 16, with money I had saved from working a paper route the previous two years. Throughout my teens and twenties, I sailed and raced that little Hobie throughout Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota. I got caught in thunderstorms, and a tornado sailing on lake Kannapolis in central Kansas, and I nearly died of hypothermia trying (like a fool) to sail that same boat years later in a Nor’easter on Lake Superior north of Duluth, Minnesota in October. Shortly after my divorce I decided it was time to upgrade and purchase a boat that I could have real adventures with. Now, I spend as much time as I can in the summer sailing my boat, Tempest. Sailing to me is an extension of my personality, I’m driven to push the envelope and explore what’s over the horizon, but I know that in order to do so effectively I must pay attention to the details and always be alert to the obstacles that might be lurking just below the surface of the water. My ability to focus on the goal and to keep moving in the right direction, even when the storm rages around me, translates quite effectively to my legal practice and allows me to help guide my clients through the most challenging storms of their lives.

Nathan Sohriakoff was born in Portland Oregon. Nathan lived in Kansas and Nebraska for most of his childhood but graduated high school in northern Minnesota.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota and earned his Juris Doctorate from Creighton University in 2009.

Nathan began his legal career in public defense serving the low-income communities of Columbus and Lincoln, Nebraska. While practicing as a public defender Nathan honed his litigation skills and conducted over 50 trials, dozens of which were jury trials. His experience as a public defender provided Nathan with the opportunity to empathetically engage with people from a wide range of life experiences and positions.  He has established relationships with the judges and other attorneys in our community. As a result, Nathan possesses an understanding of local procedures and best practices for presenting cases to the local judiciary. His current practice is focused on representing clients in divorce and family law cases as well as clients charged with crimes ranging from simple DUI to complex felonies. Nathan is passionate about helping people who find themselves in difficult legal situations navigate the judicial system.

Outside the office, Nathan enjoys sailing, reading, hiking, working on his house (or boat), and traveling. Nathan also enjoys volunteering with local law students by assisting with mock trials and client counseling competitions.

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